1 year Electronic Melting Report as stand-alone!

The Electronic Melting Report was previously part of apromaceMES. As a result, only those foundries that also used the other apromaceMES modules were able to take advantage of the Electronic Melting Report (ESR).

In this context, apromace redesigned the ESB so that it can also be used separately to digitize and optimize the processes in the original melting store. After a year of experience with a pilot foundry, we can conclude that this solution has also been well received by customers. The ESB combines core data from thermal analysis, temperature data, quality parameters and spectrometer, furnace and batch data. The automatic retrieval of data from the data sources (spectrometer, TA, lance) is particularly appreciated by customers. The possibility of combining apromaceTA, apromaceFeinkorrektur and apromaceGattierung should also be mentioned.

Following a 1-year test phase, we are now releasing our digital, interactive product brochure. Find out how the stand-alone Electronic Melting Report optimizes your processes and sets a new standard for transparency. Look forward to innovation, efficiency and customer feedback.

We ask for your understanding that, for competitive reasons, we will only grant access to customers and interested parties to whom we provide a corresponding link on request.

AI Solutions

logical consequence of the apromace strategy

- international research project launched -

Data collection has never been an end in itself at apromace. The process-adequate collection of our customers‘ production data is a challenge we face every day. In addition to documentation, this data serves our customers primarily as a basis for process optimization. A new quality of transparency as well as qualified intervention information – even for time-critical and complex processes – are usually the first savings from which our customers refinance the investment in an apromace MES system. For this purpose, a wide range of apromace modules is available out of the box. In the last years a main focus of our technical development was the implementation of control loops and prognosis tools. On 01.05.23 we started a joint project with international partners for AI-supported optimization of gripper control for complex geometries of semi-finished plastic products with temporarily highly sensitive mechanical properties.

For those interested in details, there is some additional information HERE. But even without going into detail, this project is the logical continuation of the strategy for our customer projects:

Data --> Knowledge --> Optimize --> Profit.

Cooperation with Naval Academy "Nikola Jonkov Vaptsarov" in Varna/Bulgaria

Finding skilled workers in today’s world is difficult. This is one of the reasons why we seized the opportunity and signed a cooperation agreement with the oldest technical university in Bulgaria on 14.10.2022. The Naval Academy in Varna is not only one of the oldest universities in Bulgaria, but also one of the most popular for future IT professionals with over 2500 students, most of them in the fields of computer science and cybersecurity. This cooperation offers high-achieving students the opportunity to complete an internship with us as part of their studies, during which they can get to know each other. International joint research projects are also envisaged. If companies cooperating with apromace are also interested in tapping this source of potential skilled personnel, we would be happy to provide support. Please contact us!

A total success!

Not only for us the prospective customer, partner and  customer day was an absolutely successful event, but also for our customers and partners.

The presentations of our customers provided exciting (live) insights into our system and showed the close cooperation with the team of apromace. „A good opportunity to think outside the box.“ – This was the feedback of one participant. We also used the opportunity again to present planned projects for the coming years and current innovations of our systems.

Sufficient entertainment was also provided between the presentations. At an exhibited robot arm of BEAS technology GmbH, our guests could practice the operation of such a robot. A small surprise on our part was the performance of Pascal Kaufmann, one of the two brothers from Lichtenstein, who performed the Moldau by Bedřich Smetana on the Blüthner grand piano of Villa Esche. The day was concluded with a guided tour of the museum of the villa designed by Henry van de Velde in 1902/1903 for the Chemnitz stocking manufacturer Herbert Esche.

Our conclusion: A successful mix of industry and culture. Plenty of entertainment, exchange of experiences and really successful glimpses behind the scenes.

We would like to thank our numerous guests and especially our customers and partners for their participation.

Interest and customers day 2022
Villa-Esche, Wednesday 21.09.2022

The apromace data systems GmbH invites this year again to our prospective customer, partner and customer day on 21.09.2022 in the Villa-Esche in Chemnitz.

The complete program and all highlights of our event can be found here.

If we have aroused your curiosity, please contact us at ikt@apromace.de to facilitate our planning and to secure one of the limited places.

Quality monitoring of iron melts by thermal analysis

After almost 2 years, a VDG seminar took place again at the TU Clausthal at the Institute of Metallurgy from May 16 – 17, 2022. Under the direction of Mrs. Prof. Tonn, our employees Dr. Fischer and Mr. Zimmermann could represent the apromace data systems GmbH with lectures.
With „Basics of Temperature Measurement“, „Temperature Measurement in Thermal Analysis – Sources of Error and Optimization Potential“ as well as „The Metallurgical Control Loop with Integration of Thermal Analysis for the Production of High Quality Cast Iron“, experiences from the introduction of thermal analysis as well as the electronic melt report in foundries were passed on to the participants. During the seminar and the breaks there was a lively exchange of information and knowledge. We are looking forward to participating again in the next seminar.

Picture: TU Bergakademie Freiberg

The SteigtUM project enters the next phase.

The CityPed, which is intended to relieve the streets of Freiberg in the future, is now entering the real-lab phase. Freiberg students and residents of SWG Freiberg are now testing the two bikes and associated app under real conditions.

Simply register, determine the location and time period, check availability and reserve the CityPed directly.
That’s how easy it should be for users. To ensure that the process also runs smoothly, we are developing the
backend for data collection and the infrastructure of the rental processes.

We provide the interface for communication between the CityBoxes and the user app.
If a CityPed is available, this information is recorded in the backend server. The user can start an availability query of the vehicles via app at any time. Reserving a CityPed or canceling a rental transaction is also
a rental transaction are already possible without any problems. From registration through to the rental process itself, we structure and regulate the process.

During the real-lab phase, our system is put to the test and
we use this time to optimize the loan process and to implement further features.
and to implement further features.

Foundry Days 2021

On 09. and 10.11.2021 the 57th Foundry Days took place in Brno in Czech Republic. For the first time, we could present apromace with our own booth and on top our partner from DETYCON Solutions s.r.o. gave a 40 minutes presentation about the apromace foundry production system – application possibilities and benefits at the example of a foundry producing castings with nodular graphite. For all questions, not only about the foundry but also about all our other MES solutions, we were personally available both days. We hope to be present at the Foundry Days again next year!

09 January 2020

On January 27, 2020, the official joint work of the partners from universities, large research institutions and industry will begin with the kick-off meeting of the BMBF-funded project SteigtUM.

The apromace data systems GmbH is looking forward to a successful cooperation in the context of extremely current problems.