Industry-specific implementation

In principle, apromaceMES works across all industries and can be used everywhere. However, in the last years apromace data systems GmbH has developed different, individual solutions based on our standard software apromaceMES for special industries.

Thereby the performed integration steps are similar in each case:

  • Acquisition of existing data structures
  • Analysis of the plant technology and connection possibilities (use via standardized bus systems)
  • Process and influencing factor analysis
  • Integration of isolated applications (horizontal integration)
  • Harmonization of information transfer between ERP level, MES solution and manufacturing systems (vertical integration)

Nevertheless, each industry has its own specific requirements and quality guidelines. For an optimal adaptation to the requirements of our customers from different industries, apromace data systems GmbH therefore always offers exactly the right process expertise with interdisciplinary competencies.

Automotive - Automotive manufacturing and suppliers

The pressure in the automotive industry affects manufacturers and suppliers alike. Liability risks and potential complaint costs must be minimized. Complete documentation of the entire manufacturing process is essential for this.

apromace data systems GmbH has created an individual solution that allows customers to track their safety-relevant components in all steps from delivery, CNC turning, signing with an ID code, hardening, superfinishing and a final quality control. All process steps are actively monitored in apromaceTrace and the employees can react immediately in case of errors.

Foundry - sand casting, die casting, gravity die casting

In a modern foundry, castings must be traceable in order to identify the causes of any casting defects. To achieve a deep transparency, a cross-process solution with a powerful control system is necessary.

apromaceGUSS is a MES especially optimized for foundries based on our standard software apromaceMES. As a link between production and management, apromaceGUSS integrates all production-relevant data, largely automates inspection documentation and guarantees permanent process monitoring. Modern identification systems help to trace the castings back to their origin. This makes the way to the transparent foundry possible.

Semiconductor - wafer and chip manufacturing

In wafer and chip manufacturing, where highly specialized and cost-intensive silicon wafers are produced and millions of transistors are placed on a chip, a time-critical MES is necessary. Large quantities of measured values must be checked and stored in the shortest possible time without affecting cycle times.

A new process was used in production, where the wafers were already tested for quality during production. apromaceMES was the system of choice for the customer, because it fulfills all high requirements for data storage, visualization and evaluation and thus significantly increases the quality process.